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April 30, 2007

Hey guys, we have discussed the financial situation for Club Football and have come up with the amounts to be paid for playing in the fall. For those of you still interested:

If you have your own helmet or plan on getting a helmet from your HS or somewhere else (Not ordering through us): $50 is due by sometime by mid-July to help pay for equipment needed for practices and games. Another $50 will be due sometime during the season. If you have a helmet that is a different color, it is not a problem. Several players last year painted their helmet successfully…others not so successfully, but it worked out.

If you plan on purchasing a helmet through us: $100 is due by mid-July and we will have your helmet ordered and we will pay for the rest of the cost and have it in to you before practice starts in the fall. An additional $25 will be due throughout the season.

If you are not sure about what size helmet you need, let me know and I will let you try on different sized helmets to see what fits.
Everybody must also find their own shoulder pads. I have 7 or 8 pairs of pads at the house in Greenville, and if anybody is interested in buying them very cheap($20), contact me about it and I will let you try to see if any fit.

For payments: You can give me, Tom McCarthy or Will McCameron cash payments, but for most of you that do not feel comfortable with us handling cash, you can write a check to Clemson Club Football. I will send out an address to mail that check to if you need to later on in the week.

AGAIN, if any of you have ANY questions about anything, just e-mail me or give a call (864) 630-2117. Hope to see most of you playing in the fall.

Scott Anderson
Club Football President

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