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July 24, 2007

Hey guys,

So far, I have received dues payments from:
Tom McCarthy
George Fogle
Drew Emry
Jeff Denton
Wes Padgett

Today’s workout was the first one of the summer. Thanks to everybody that showed up: Darius Morgan, David Johnson, Ben Simmons, Chris Jenkins, Blake Teasley, Will McCameron, Jon Austin.

I talked with Coach Sapp today, and he is looking forward to the season and working with everybody. I am meeting with him this week to install new terminology to the playbook. As soon as I meet with him, I will type up a document with all of the terminology you need to be familiar with for the first couple of practices. It may seem confusing at first, but it will become second nature quickly.

Everybody continue lifting weights and try to get a little bit of running in. A lot of you I have not heard from in a while, and I would like to at least hear something from you. Also send in your dues as SOON as you can. See you all August 20th!

Scott Anderson

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