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2006 Clemson Club Football Team

The Clemson University Club Football team was first established sometime in the early 1980’s.  The team was reestablished in the fall of 2005 after years of inactivity by Daniel Blackmon (’06) and Will McCameron (’08).

Club Football is an officially recognized Clemson University organization which exists for students, faculty, and staff to play organized full contact intercollegiate football. Player skill levels range from those who have never played the sport to those who could play on the varsity level but choose otherwise. Many players join the club with the desire to improve on their high school experience, and some to better themselves for varsity tryouts, with a few club members having made the varsity roster over the last few years.

Typically, the club meets for practice 3 days a week during the fall.  Games are usually played on Sunday afternoons with all home games being played on the varsity turf practice field.

2007 marked a quick milestone with the Tigers winning the Magus Cup (SCCFA Championship).

The head coach for the team is former Clemson/NFL player Patrick Sapp.

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