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Clemson University Club Football Constitution

December 2, 2005

I. Name

a. The official name of the organization shall be the Clemson University Club Football Team.

II. Purpose

a. The purpose of this organization is to provide any student (undergraduate or graduate), faculty and staff member the opportunity to participate in full-contact intercollegiate football competition.

III. Membership

a. The Clemson University Club Football Team membership is open to all students, staff, and faculty of Clemson University. The club does not discriminate any participant from membership based on their gender, sex, age, race, religion, etc.

b. A member must pay his/her dues to the Club Treasurer, complete an approved waiver form, and present proper identification to be recognized as a full member of the club.

c. A full member has the privilege to practice, travel and compete with the team. He/she also has access to any available equipment and apparel that the club is able to supply them.

IV. Meetings

a. Meetings are considered practices and shall be held three times per week from the first day of classes of the fall semester until the season concludes, including any postseason participation the club might compete in. Other meeting and practice times are also at the discretion of the President and/or Coach(es).

b. The Executive Officers shall meet at least once a week during the season to discuss operations.

V. Executive Board

a. The offices of President, Vice President, Communications Officer, Financial Officer, Equipment Officer, Safety Officer & Team Development Officer shall be duly elected in the spring semester prior to the upcoming fall season.

b. If for some reason an Executive Board member vacates their position, the club members will vote on their successor.

c. The Alumni Board will serve to ratify or veto changes to the constitution or major changes to the operations of the club. They also serve the purpose to guide the general well being of the club so as to ensure longevity.

d. Each officer must fulfill all duties outlined in the Executive Officer Responsibilities Doctrine.

VI. Elections

a. All officers will be elected by the club members and shall serve a term of one year. No term limits apply to these positions; therefore an officer may be re-elected if the club members vote him/her to serve multiple terms.

b. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by a fellow club member at the appropriate meeting where nominations are submitted and officers selected.

c. Elections will be by show of hands and nominated candidates will not be allowed to vote for themselves. Candidates must also leave the election area.

VII. Funds

a. Dues shall be paid at the beginning of the season to the Treasurer. He/she, the President, and/or the Vice President will be the only members authorized to conduct financial business of the club. All expenses incurred by the club shall be handled by the Treasurer or his/her appointee.

VIII. Committees/Divisions

a. Committees may be formed at the discretion of the President or any other of the Executive Board officers.

IX. Affiliations

a. The Executive Board and Alumni Board will review league affiliation on a yearly basis.

b. During competition, the club shall abide by all SCCFA or NCAA rules, depending upon the format of the contest.

X. Advisor

a. The club advisor may be any faculty or staff member employed by Clemson University.

XI. Coach

a. The Coach will serve as a strategic and organizational consultant for the club. He/she shall be hired or released at the discretion of the Executive Board, pending majority approval by the membership of the club.

b. The Coach is not required to be an employee of the University.

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