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February 19, 2007

Just a reminder, if you have friends that are interested about us… talk with them. Get them in contact with me and give them this website address as well as the address for the Facebook group.

In other news, Scott and Blake attended the annual league meeting this past Saturday in Charlotte and this is what was covered:

– A tentative schedule to be released.
– Rule change: Kickers can go barefoot. This is good so now Scott can boot it if need be.
– Out of conference teams of interest were noted.
– We were officially accepted into the league (Last year we were a charter member).
– ACC has decided to field a team again this year after their end of season troubles last year.
– Still no word from Duke, so I don’t think we’ll get to play them.

I think we are going to get some funding this year, so dues will be down to around $70 for returners and $100 for new guys. This is a generous estimate, so expect this number to drop some.

Also, I believe we are going to add South Alabama as an annual end of season series. This year we will be traveling to their school. We’re probably going to get the school to pay for hotel rooms and a bus. Still no word on if the local Taco Bell at South Alabama will give us free tacos for running up the score on them again next year.

That being said, I can’t get Albert to answer my emails, so if anyone has had contact with him please tell him to get with me. Oh, and Daniel Blackmon is straight thuggin’ and being jobless in Greenville. If anyone knows about any open jobs managing a McDonald’s or something like that, let me or him know. In all actuality, he’s a packaging science major so if you do hear of something good please pass the word along to him.

The team celebrates after closing out the season with a 34 – 6 victory over South Alabama.
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